Kaltura (Open Source Video)

Kaltura Installation Service at Quintet Solutions India

Kaltura From being the first Open Source online video platform, Kaltura has come a long way. Quintet Solutions has used the flexibility of the Kaltura platform to enhance our clients’ websites, web-services, and web-platforms with advanced customized video, photo and audio functionalities. Like MySQL and Linux, Kaltura is free community-supported, self-hosted software whose source-code is available for download at www.kaltura.org. A commercial version of the software can be obtained at www.kaltura.com. System integrators at Quintet Solutions have experience in setting up both the Open Source version as well as the commercial version.

As the platform is Open Sourced, the adoption and innovation is highly accelerated. It also enables multitude of highly-integrated solutions for a wide variety of use cases and verticals, which are cost effective.

Other benefits that Kaltura provides are as below

  • Adding a video platform and integrating it into the existing workflow of your website does, takes time and money. As Kaltura is open source, we have full access to the source code we can your website integrated with Kaltura in cost effective and timely manner.
  • Quintet Solutions could set up Kaltura as a hosted solution, or as a self-hosted platform behind your own firewall. This provides full security and control as per the policies of the organization.
  • Kaltura has a marketplace of add-ons, plugins, and applications called Application Exchange that enhance the platform. Engineers, here at Quintet Solutions use the best plugins and addons as per your requirement.
  • Flexibility. Our vast experience in Kaltura enables usage of the open source code that Kaltura provides to tweak or change according to specific needs.
  • Easy Integration as Kaltura’s platform is modular and designed to fit into your existing systems and workflows. We can use it along with WordPress, Drupal, and many more, as well as custom integration solutions for authentication systems, proprietary CMSs, payment systems etc.

How Kaltura Installation can benefit you.

Kaltura video platform helps you to create value with video. With its huge range of features and powerful tools to create effective digital solutions, you can easily and rapidly grow your audience and generate revenue. Its built with the utmost flexibility and each feature can be managed through Kaltura’s simple interface or customized via API’s and developer tools.

  • Easily upload video , audio and images in bulk or individually via your browser or desktop app , email or mobile.
  • Upload your video and let your content be transcoded by Kaltura
  • Capture and manage recorded videos of meetings or lectures with Kaltura
  • Organize or search your content , edit , moderate , create playlists and much more.
  • Reach your audience wherever they are across the web using search engines and set top boxes.
  • Enable video discovery and search with kalturas REACH suite
  • Clip and trim your videos, add subtitles, and enable chaptering, advertising or deep search.
  • Use Kaltura for Web conferencing and webcasting solutions thats fully integrated to your video portal.
  • Get your video Analytics, content performance and viewer behavior and grow your revenue with content monetization tools.
  • Deliver Smooth and best quality live streaming viewing experience with full security.

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