“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Round the clock care

Being a customer of Server Management services by Quintet you are getting rid of all the hassles of managing, securing, optimizing your legion of servers be it dedicated or shared 24/7/365. With hardcore experience on live servers on various platforms, having different control panels installed, our Engineers will ensure your servers are well secured and optimized. We make sure that the applications are up-to-date and patches are promptly applied to prevent any security holes. Server migrations, Backups and restorations are done with utmost care for seamless service.

Server Hardening

No more breaches

Enhancing the server security is an unavoidable process as it enables a much more secure operation of the services rendered by the server. We take care of securing the server from very basic steps to even installing and configuring software firewalls. We can even assist you with installing and configuring 3rd party softwares keeping the server invulnerable. Our scanning with latest tools will ensure the removal of any instances of sniffers, rootkits, irc, bnc, eggdrop, trojans etc.

3rd Party s/w Installations

Enhancing with features

Our server engineers are well versed with installation and configuration of various 3rd party applications. Ecommerce applications like xcart, open cart, oscommerce, Content Management Systems like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Media Servers like FMS, Red Media Server, Kultura, Wowza, to name few of them where we have highly advanced knowledge in setting up, upgrading and tweaking.

Server Monitoring/Scanning

Peaceful nights ahead, we are on guard

Our server management department functions 24/7/365 which enables us to offer server monitoring services. Our team will monitor your server with advanced monitoring tools round the clock for any load spikes, service outages or any glitches and take prompt action as required. We can coordinate with your data center in situations to get things sorted out. As a part of keeping the server secure we offer scanning services where the server is scanned with the best solutions available to rule out any security threats and reports will be send to you on weekly basis.

Server migrations

Nothing can stop you grow

Situations may arise where you have to migrate servers for various reasons and that is when you are most concerned about downtime, data loss, IP migration etc. We are experts in planning and executing server migrations with maximum precision without affecting your valuable uptime and data.

We are proficient in…

Linux Unix Windows Amazon Web Services
cPanel Parallels Virtuozzo Webmin
CentOS Apache MySQL
Cacti Munin Zabbix Nagios
FreeBSD PF Sense Red5 Wowza
Magento ExpressionEngine
Ubuntu Webhosting Support