Kayako Helpdesk System Integration & Support

Kayako   Kayako is a helpdesk system designed for an efficient communication between the end user and the staff whether it be technical or sales. The simple but feature rich interface of Kayako makes it even simpler. The support tickets opened by the customer can be sorted as per priority and responded in a timely manner. Kayako even has a knowledge base feature where informations good enough to educate the customer can be added. In this way a customer can self learn and fix the issue faced to a certain extend. Availability for mobile devices, features to split and duplicate tickets, desktop application for windows etc make kayako very user friendly and recommendable.

How Kayako Helpdesk System is beneficial for your company

  • Kayako provides support ticketing along with email integration for clients to manage the helpdesks
  • Kayako integrates chats with your website and helpdesk
  • Kayako uses real-time visitor monitoring on the website/helpdesk
  • Kayako can be used to track and record phone calls which can be used later for support reviews.
  • Kayako provides you with advanced ticket workflows, automations and custom rules along with added features like fields for tickets, chats, customers etc
  • Kayako helps you to manage ticket reply and resolution deadlines and defines business hours for accurate performance tracking
  • Kayako has escalation rules automated and it can be integrated into the system which ensures nothing slips through
  • Kayako supports native mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry
  • Live chat support can be enabled using the Jabber gateway
  • Custom reports can be build with the Kayako Query Language and can schedule to deliver these reports automatically to your inbox configured.
  • Customization is possible along with multi-lingual customer support and localizations and also provides full control over the look and feel of the helpdesk and supports REST API

Kayako Helpdesk System Integration & Support at Quintet

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction in the growth of a business. We have long term experience with installing, configuring and even using it for support purposes internally. We can get Kayako setup for your customer support team to deliver prompt assistance to your customers. We have our support team working around the clock for any assistance with the Kayako setup, maintenance or upgradation. Please feel free to contact us.

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