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Quintet is in look out for Smart Freshers. Passionate about any of these?
PHP-Laravel|AngularJS|React|jQuery. Send in your resume, lets have a talk.

Android developers

Do you believe that the future for Android is big? We're looking for native Android developer who will be able to confidently work on the platform and synergize with our product team to build awesome apps. Show us what you have done. It need not be beauteous to eyes but it should be brain stimulating.

iOS developers

Do you love giving wings to design details and experiment new interactions for better user experience? Ability to identify and track down issues is critical as we're out to build the most stable and amusing apps. Formal dress code...never ever!!. Feel great in your "black turtleneck tees and blue jeans" and remember "the only way to do great work is to love what you do."

Web Developers

Someone ever said you are left brained? Do you think you have great logical and analytical skills? Do you have solid understanding of PHP, MySQL? You are destined to become a great web developer to build perfect solutions. Contact us and realize it!

Visual Designers

Ever felt amazed bringing life to colors and found beauty in blank white spaces? Ever did magics with a simple line and felt crazy about textures and typography? Have you ever found sophistication in "SIMPLICITY"? If you think a pixel matters, let's get to know each other.


Oh, you are a newbie or experienced rockstar in what you do? Don't hold back, even if you didn't find a position listed above. We always consider hiring amazing talent.

What We Offer


We take extra care to provide comfortable work space so that you go home with healthy body and healthy mind, high in spirits, everyday. Spending time at office will be a pleasure.


Working close with the latest gadgets in the market and developing applications for the same will be a mind blowing experience. Your workstation will be from the latest generation. Fastest!!


Need to relax? Just hit our entertainment zone and have fun. Gaming consoles, Foosball, Darts, Golf etc. We have fitness equipments for fitness freaks too.


Coffee, Tea, Pizza, Burgers, Birthday cakes and what not. No one stays hungry at Quintet. Our facility managers are crazy about serving edible happiness.


We are determined to make sure that our team have colourful and fun filled festival season. We bring the best quality gifts for them and their family without any compromise.


We give systematic training, which allows you to have the tools necessary to achieve those task assigned to you, so they're completed faster than you would imagine so. We love to see our team grow technically, as well as intellectually.


At Quintet there is no chance for you to under-perform as we grow as a team. Yearly appraisals thus guarantee you financial growth as well.


We are so keen on taking care of medical expenses for our employees and their family. We take care of all the hassles of claiming such requirements with pleasure.


Apart from paid sick leaves and casual leaves, our generous leave policy enables you to avail paid vacations and paid festival holidays, to be with your loved ones.


We organize team outings to energize the brains and bodies of our team. We select exotic locations and fun filled activities to get the team fully recharged. It will be fun unlimited.


Are you a workaholic who cannot use your paid leaves?? No worries. We reimburse the unused paid leaves which is again a bonus.