SQLite database management services

SQLite Sqlite is a Relational Database Management System contained in C programming library. Sqlite does not have a separate server process. It reads and writes data directly to ordinary disk files. Sqlite file format system is cross-platform. Since sqlite can run in minimal stack space and very little heap, it is a popular database engine choice on memory constrained gadgets such as cellphones, PDAs, Mp3 players and for appliances. Today sqlite is a widely deployed database engine for several browsers, operating systems and embedded systems.

SQLite database management services at Quintet

We are opting Sqlite in our application development to make good and beautiful products that are fast, reliable and simple to use. Sqlite does not need installation and setup procedure.There is no need for an administrator to create a new database and assign access permissions to users. This attractive feature saves us from initial installation and configuration complexities. As it is a single ordinary disk file it can be located anywhere in the directory hierarchy. Since Sqlite transactions are ACID complaint, we can safely access from multiple processes or threads. Sqlite is available as a single ANSI-C file that is easy to compile and hence is easy to add into larger projects. Due to its small size, it is well suited in iOS and Android applications. Sqlite emphasizes economy, efficiency, reliability, independence and simplicity.

How we can help you.

We have been implementing Sqlite successfully in our memory constrained applications. With the help of powerful SQL queries, we considerably reduce the complexity of application code. As Sqlite requires no configuration and it stores information in ordinary disk file, using it as the database engine for low to medium traffic websites is recommendable. Since each user has their own independent database or databases, Sqlite offers great security. Sqlite is used for running web applications offline in HTML5.

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