OpenVAS Services

OpenVAS Service Provider Vulnerability assessment systems are a must have these days. OpenVAS is a framework of several services and tool for vulnerability assessment, which helps to run tests on systems using database of known exploits and vulnerabilities and do effective vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management. OpenVAS provides an overview on how well your servers are protected against the attacks known till date. OpenVAS mainly consists three components namely: Client, server and an NVT feed.

OpenVAS Server

The core application responsible for performing the security tests on targeted systems and collecting results are performed via OpenVAS Server. The tests are done via plug-ins, making the process flexible and allowing administrators to do the specific tests required. The OpenVAS server package is available for various Linux distributions like Mandrake, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, Fedora Debian, Ubuntu and also FreeBSD.

OpenVAS Client

The OpenVAS Client provides graphical user interface which helps in managing and performing the tests, which in turn helps to analyze the results. OpenVAS Client is also available for Microsoft Windows operating system, in addition to the Linux distributions and FreeBSD

OpenVAS NVT Feed

OpenVAS NVT stands for Network Vulnerability Tests, and are provided for the OpenVAS Server through the OpenVAS NVT Feed. NVTs appears in the form of .inc or .nasl files, which will be digitally signed for authenticity validation.

OpenVAS services by Quintet

  • We can provide you with the Delta reports of the scan results helping to analyse the differences between various scans on the server. Based on these reports we can get your servers patched or get the security tweaked.
  • OpenVAS solution softwares are freely available and gets updated, providing one of the powerful and comprehensive Vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management solutions.
  • OpenVAS, softwares helps you to easily schedule scans, and automatically generate reports, with options to email alerts if certain threat levels are found.

You can setup OpenVAS Services by getting in touch with us.

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