Salesforce Integration into your System

Salesforce Integration Salesforce is a suite of CRM products that work hand in hand to make an enterprise’s function more effective and profitable. Salesforce is a global cloud-based CRM than can efficiently transform the work life of your team. Salesforce has become the category leader that other on-demand CRM providers seek to challenge. Solving customer queries and keeping track of them is the primary goal of Salesforce.

The basic features of the salesforce package are

Tracking Cases

Using Salesforce you can easily track all your customer enquiries, handle the escalations of issues that require special attention to higher levels and even generate detailed reports where you will be able to monitor your agent’s productivity.

Pre-Set Solutions

Equip the customer service team with the answers to your customer’s queries and make the answers available to the customers as FAQ’s so that they can troubleshoot simple issues themselves.


There may be situations when the FAQ and information on web do not help your customer to get issues resolved. In this case they will have option to log a case directly from the website making use of salesforce and your customer support executives will take care of the situation.

Additional features of Service Cloud include

Customizable Layouts and Agent Console

In just a few clicks your agent can now have access to relevant information about the customer. This console can be designed and personalized to attain maximum efficiency.

Entitlement Management

To comply with the Service Level Agreements you may have to provide different levels of support for customers. You can use entitlement management to make sure each of them get the support they have paid for or service that they have availed. This can be based on response times or resolution times, and using entitlement management, you can incorporate an automated process and provide instructions for the support team and guide them on how to solve the case in the best way possible.

Access to Live Agent Web Chat (additional fee above Service Cloud license)—Incorporate live chat from the web to ensure that your clients get answers in real time.

Salesforce Integration Services at Quintet

We help your organization to increase your productivity multiple fold thereby improving your customer’s satisfaction by integrating salesforce. By doing this you will be able to invest more time to achieve your business goals. We will take care of the integration and any troubleshooting that is required at the backend.

Our Services include:

  • Salesforce Integration
  • Salesforce Customization
  • Salesforce Implementation
  • apps
  • sites
  • AppExchange
  • Visualforce pages
  • Customer portal
  • Chatter

What we offer

Salesforce API

These Api’s provide the basic programmatic access to information of an organization allowing developers to have control over it for customization.

Web Services API

Allow developers to retrieve, create, delete and update records, such as accounts, leads, and custom objects.


It provides a simple Web services interface for interacting with, providing easier integration and development for mobile and web applications.

Bulk API

The Bulk API is an API optimized for loading and deleting large sets of data. It allows you to query, insert, update, upsert, or delete a large number of records by submitting a number of batches that are processed in the background by

Metadata API

Metadata API can be used for deleting , updating , creating , deploying or retrieving customization information, such as custom object definitions and page layouts, for an organization using

Custom Apex Application

We offer development of custom Salesforce managed or unmanaged application for custom business needs. Apex API is a RESTful API allowing developers to create other web services, email services and perform complex validation of objects, and create complete business processes that are not normally supported.

Salesforce Integrations

We offer our clients each applications data, business logic, presentation, and security layers, all of which are possible targets for integration. The following are the important integrations which we used to and other Salesforce platform technologies.

Security Integration

Integrate authentication mechanisms across applications to improve the user experience and minimize user administration.

User Interface Integration

Combine the UIs of two or more apps to create composite apps with small or no rework on the UI of each individual app

Business Logic Integration

Business logic often spans multiple application systems. Extending related business logic from one app to another helps to implement complete end to end business processes.

Data Integration

Integrating applications at the data layer is a common scenario. For example, multiple apps written in different programming languages can all use an open API and manage related data in one shared database.

We have a team of experienced Salesforce developers having industry exposure. They are well aware of the advantages of having the Salesforce development platform on a cloud and possess the skill of fixing its limitations with their programming skills. We have worked on a number of projects using APEX and VisualForce Toolkit made available by Salesforce.

Our Salesforce team are Proficient in handling the following.

  • Salesforce API’s
  • Visual Force
  • Apex Programming
  • Salesforce One Platform
  • Data Loader, Data Migration
  • Triggers Workflows and Queues
  • Dashboard Management and QA Testing
  • Salesforce CRM integration and customization
  • Content Management System supported by
  • Enterprise Management System supported by

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