MySQL Workbench

Database Administration using MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench Mysql workbench is the most widely used free mysql administration tool and development tool. It is one of the powerful GUI tools and world’s most popular open source database management tool. We at quintet extensively use MySQL Workbench to help in database modeling and for database administration.

How Quintet’s Mysql Workbench Database Administration is beneficial for your company

SQL Development

For SQL query development we use this Workbench as this helps to write the queries as the syntax is colored. Snippets helps us to save the commonly used queries and this helps our developers from not to write a query from scratch hence it saves time. We use the query formatter so that the queries look neat and readable. This helps any developer to maintain the queries/scripts we write. For DDL queries we use the interface so that we avoid unexpected errors that happened from developers.

Visual Database Administration

Database administrators love shell commands. But the MySQL Workbench have the GUI tools that helps to perform the usual queries needed by administrators. Start/Stop the MySQL instance, Real time monitoring of server health are few of them. Graphical representation of server health helps to monitor the server realtime. It also shows the memory usage and load which enables monitoring of the server at ease. The server configuration can also be checked or modified with ease. The different settings are shown by grouping the configuration settings.

Performance Tuning

MySQL Workbench Schema Inspector helps to discover performance-degrading table and index definition issues. Real time monitoring of MySQL instance helps to identify the performance killers and to tune the parameters accordingly. MySQL query execution plans are better explained using Workbench and this helps to tune the queries or indexes. In Quintet our MySQL Administrators are well experienced in fine tuning the database as per the needs and traffic / volume of data.

User and Session Management

Now managing the MySQL users is much easier with Workbench. The user privileges can be easily granted or revoked. Specifying the appropriate rights for each user is easy with Workbench. Managing passwords and global and local variables are a lot easier now.

Connection Management

Now working on multiple database servers is a lot easier with Workbench. If you have different instances to manage simultaneously, then Workbench can save, manage, organize these connections. Workbench also supports SSH-tunneling to configure SSH to remote server and connect as localhost to the MySQL. This provides additional security to your MySQL instance.

Object Management

Object Browser helps the user to the easily navigate the database objects like, tables, views, triggers etc. Object editor helps to visually query, create, edit, drop tables, views, triggers. Schema Inspector helps to perform maintenance operations by detailed views on schema objects.

Data Management

Importing / Exporting data dump is now easier with Workbench tool. Selected tables routines, functions can be exported with ease. With the advanced options the data exporting will cause no performance issues like locking the tables. Exporting supports different formats like, CSV, html or XML. The visual export progress bar give us the percentage of progress. Quick find becomes handy to find rows and columns that are hard to find. Pattern matching searching is another highlight about the workbench where the table data can be searched across all tables and schemas.

Visual Data Modeling

Workbench shows different areas of specialization in visual data modeling. Workbench helps to create the visualization of complete entity relationship diagram by providing all popular modelling notations. It is the best method to resolve the issue without consuming much time.

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