Javascript Programming Services

Javascript Programming Services Javascript is the most widely used client side programming language. Javascript makes HTML pages dynamic and improves user experience. Javascript used with its libraries like jQuery is the most efficient way of making web pages dynamic. Its helpful for extending functionalities like animations, ajax, dynamic web forms and for real time user interactions. The functionality of javascript can be improved by using plugins. Javascript is executed on client browser, which improves performance but introduces a challenge to make it compatible to a wide range of web browsers and devices. The usage of javascript libraries like jquery reduces the time required for development and compatibility challenges. Javascript libraries help to reuse a specific component on multiple web pages without rewriting the code.

In addition to web browsers and servers, JavaScripts are embedded into a number of tools and the core javascript language remains the same in every application. Google chrome extensions, Opera, safari, Microsoft Gadgets, Yahoo! widgets, etc. are all implemented using javascript. Adobe’s Acrobat and Adobe Reader support Javascript in PDF files. Even, an office application suite, allows Javascript to be used as a scripting language. As the specifications of Microcontrollers have increased over the last few years, it has become possible to use JavaScript to control hardware in embedded devices.

Javascript Programming Services at Quintet

We have extensive experience in working with javascript and front end web development. Since javascript is executed in client side it will be executed by different web browsers. Execution of code can produce slightly different results in different browsers if the compatibility concerns are not taken care of. Our developers are experienced to resolve problems that arise from browser incompatibility. We are also up to date about new changes in javascript and use new tools and functionalities to improve website performance and user experience.

Improve user experience of your websites

Javascript is mainly used for making web pages dynamic and for improving user experience. Javascript combined with HTML5 have introduced new features which has considerably improved user experience without compromising performance or compatibility.

Ajax driven web application development

Modern web applications use ajax to send and receive data from webpage to server. This reduces the need for completely repainting the page as well improves response time. This makes it a preferable method for user consoles and admin panels.

Javascript plugin development

Javascript plugins will reduce the need for rewriting the code for a particular functionality. Javascript plugins are the reusable component which can be reused on multiple website or pages. Our professional developers are experienced in developing plugins for your particular need which can be reused on multiple websites.

Hire Javascript Developers

You can always communicate your developers via email or chat. We use the latest bug tracking and project management system for maximum efficiency. Please do not hesitate to contact us for development requirements involving javascript, that can help you engage your audience by delivering interactive web applications.

We can help you with

  • Design, Develop & Integration of JS Library
  • Javascript optimization
  • Consulting & selection of proper JavaScript frameworks for your project
  • Quickest turn-around time to troubleshoot your Javascript problem

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