Highcharts integration in India

Highcharts IntegrationHighchart is a pure javascript library offering intuitive, interactive charts like bar, pie, donut, spline etc. to your website or web application. With a simple javascript object, developers can create different kind of charts. Let’s call it config object. All type of charts have same structure of config object, developer need to change the type of chart in config object. Highcharts is equipped with a rendering module that acts as a wrapper for JavaScript access to SVG in modern browsers and VML in IE < 9.

Highchart integration Services at Quintet

Quintet has a great team to work with many javascript charts library. Our Team studies the client’s requirement and will pick the appropriate chart library which suits the client’s data the most. Quintets team uses most of the javascript chart library to present data to the user. We have developed many charts with Highcharts library and all the apps are high performance. We have also integrated Highcharts with many technologies in server side scripts and client side scripting.

Advantages of integrating High Charts into your Site

  • It is compatible for all browsers including internet explorer version 6.
  • It is free for Non- commercial use so you can use it on your personal website or any non profit organization
  • Since highcharts is Open Source, we can download the source code of highcharts and customize it. We can take advantage of all its full functionality and customization capabilities.
  • Highcharts is purely built on JavaScript framework. To run it, we need only two JS files named highcharts.js and either the jQuery or prototype framework.
  • Highcharts has a huge range of charts like line, bar, column, pie, area, area range, scatter, bubble, waterfall etc.
  • Highcharts provides feature like tooltip labels which you can display tooltip text on hovering, with information on each points and series.
  • Using zooming functionality we can examine an interesting part of the data more closely.
  • Text Labels, which includes axis labels, data labels for the point and axis titles can be rotated in any angle of our choice.
  • Ability to export charts as JPG, PNG or PDF.
  • Library minified size is only 45kb.
  • It is Possible to run Highcharts on the server without a client internet browser involved.
  • The programmer has dynamic control to add, remove, update values and settings.

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