CodeIgniter Development Services

Codeignitor Integration Codeigniter ushered in an era of simple and agile php frameworks. Simplicity sugared with impeccable performance, we can name that framework as codeigniter, and these qualities made this MVC platform a popular one. This helps the developers with separation of logic and presentation, being a model-view-controller based system. The object oriented way of handling web apps and it’s rich libraries made the developer communities happiest. It dominated the kingdom for a long time until the popular frameworks like laravel and phalcon taking over the seat. Still many of the programmers prefer to use codeigniter for the ease of use in developing complex web applications. Large community support and millions of running sites based on codeigniter prove its worth.

MVC based system

It is one of the most widely accepted MVC framework around the world. This powerful feature allows great separation between logic and presentation making the life of developers and designers easier.

Easy configuration and simplicity

Codeigniter has nearly zero configuration compared to other php frameworks. It features a rich set of libraries and provide simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries for commonly needed tasks. The reliability on codeigniter still depends on such features.

Phenomenal performance

With no restrictive coding rules, it assures exceptional performance for your application. It’s core system only makes use of some small libraries and the additional libraries are loaded dynamically based on the developer’s requirement. It helps to keep your application as fast as possible .

Extensive compatibility and maintainability

Many running websites took the advantage of codeigniter’s compatibility and one of the major reason for the broad acceptance of the framework was this one. Any developer can easily build over an application and extend it accordingly.

Hire offshore Codeigniter developers in India at Quintet solutions

Quintet helps you to implement best web applications as per your business needs by following standard coding rules and strict guidelines. We have professional PHP experts who are proficient in different frameworks like codeigniter, laravel, symfony, cakephp, etc. Being a leading and widely accepted framework among the PHP frameworks, codeigniter has been helping us to make intuitive solutions to our clients for all these years. With extensive experience for years, this toolkit made us capable of delivering efficient outputs to the requirements of our clients with lighting speed. Quintet’s development engine is strong enough to handle codeigniter’s rich set of libraries and other tools which made us capable of expediting the client solutions. Both, our code of conduct and codes were ignited when working with codeigniter, and have been astounding our clients for years with our expertness in one of the full featured MVC framework. We have been maintaining and looking after a large number of standard web applications based on codeigniter for many years, which assure you the best quality engineers and maintenance engineers to look after your existing codeigniter based sites.

We offer the following codeigniter services

Web application development with Codeigniter

We transform your ideas. With experienced hands on codeigniter, our developers are fast in delivering all your needs. We put our efforts to develop reliable and scalable web applications. Mostly we develop database driven web applications and our database experts helps to minimize the database load and improve the DB server performance with different database optimization techniques.

Third party integration services

We provide integration services for your existing web applications. With various APIs, different third party services like payment gateways, email services, social media services, analytics, etc. are integrated according to your requirements.

Web portal development

Let the world google and find you. Let the world know about your business. With a custom web portal, your online services can be expanded globally. We design, develop and deploy the solutions needed for your online growth. With optimized techniques, we put our clients always on top in the search results of google.

Maintenance and 24/7 support for your existing codeigniter web applications

Are you looking for best maintenance engineers who can isolate and minimize your server and resource issues? What if they are also good in integrating the new features to your existing applications? We have them, and available 24/7 for all your maintenance and integration needs. They ensure that your resources are used wisely to make your application even faster.

Hire Codeigniter Developers

We provide professional developers to transform your ideas to innovative solutions. With excellent practical knowledge, they work within the time frame. Our unique project management strategies assure you the best players on the field.

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