Chkrootkit Security and Binary checker for Rootkit Invasion

CHKRootkit Consulting A rootkit is a set of malicious scripts that allows the installation of hidden files, processes, hidden user accounts which intercept data from terminals, network connections, and the keyboard. A rootkit may consists of scripts like spyware or create a “backdoor” into the system. It may alter log files or system binaries and also perform silent scanning on network to get valuable data that can help to learn the network structure and other loopholes in the network. These can also alter existing system tools to escape detection.

Chkrootkit is a tool kit which contains scripts to check signs of a rootkit. It contains scripts that check the system binaries for rootkit modification, check if the interface is in promiscuous mode, check for log deletions and signs of trojans etc.

Chkrootkit Security Services By Quintet

We, with our expertise in server hack detection techniques, use Chkroot and its advanced features for identifying and analysing extent of server intrusion – root compromise, system binary manipulation, network scanning, kernel hack etc. We have experience in removing rootkits and securing servers affected with them, worms, LKM etc. We perform security audit, script updates and patching, once the hacked system is recovered.

Root compromise is a worst thing that could happen to a production server. Very quick remedial actions should be taken in such situations to avoid data theft/loss, intrusion in other servers in the network etc. Only a system expert with in depth knowledge in OS deployment and security administration can identify the back door that let the hacker in and then decide the required security modification to be performed. At this point our expertise in server administration play the key role and chkrootkits has its part in it.

Our expertise includes installation and configuration of rootkit scanning tools, removing rootkits, fixing compromised binaries and other malware scripts, security auditing, patching etc.

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