ZBar integration Services

ZBar ZBar is an open source software library used for reading barcodes from various sources like images, video files and raw intensity sensors. It has the ability to recognize various types of barcodes like Code 39, Code 128, UPC-A, UPC-E, Interleaved 2 of 5 and QR codes. It is also implemented on Linux/Unix and Microsoft Windows as a command line application.

ZBar has a flexible implementation which facilitates real time scanning of video streams and images. Zbar is used due to its smaller code size and there are no complex operations in the background, which makes the implementation quicker. The integration into the application is relatively easy, be it for iPhone or Android. It can also be used to work on Linux/Unix and Windows machines and can be used for applications in iPhone and Android.

We have developers with plenty of experience in using ZBar across applications in both Android and iPhone. Having been in the development of mobile applications for some years, our developers are well versed with the different features and integration of ZBar software suite. Our well developed applications are used across various services like barcode scanning, reading url’s, document tracking in QR codes etc.

ZBar integration Services at Quintet

Experienced developers

We are familiar with the different versions of ZBar across the years and we are well versed with the different services it can offer.

You need it fast, you got it

Zbar is one of the fastest image processing software suites. Our experienced developers will get your applications delivered quickly.

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