Smarty Template Engine Integration Services

Smarty Template Engine Integration Services in India

Smarty Template Engine Integration Smarty is a simple, lightweight and easy to understand template engine. Being a great solution for front-end developers, several companies are in to using Smarty. As a templating engine, Smarty provides a separation between client side and server side scripts. This PHP templating engine provides a tag based syntax to display information which also increases flexibility between designers and developers. Smarty also uses a caching system to reduce server load. Smarty templates provide security by hiding business logic from template developers or designers.

Business logic and Presentation logic Separation

Smarty templating system provides a good separation between business logic and presentation logic. This flexibility leads to security of business logic and is quite something because it does not need to be revealed to designers who are managing presentation section.


Smarty is language-agnostic, which means it can be used across multiple programming languages. It can also be used for templating system by writing a compiler for the same.

Smarty Template Engine Integration Services in Quintet , India

Smarty is the first hand solution when considering a templating engine for a PHP project. Our developers have remarkable experience in working with smarty and wide range of CMS like ‘CMS made simple’ and ‘Guru CMS’ which make use of smarty templating engine. We have made websites accessible to 3rd parties so that they can modify website template/design without knowing how data is been collected or any other business layer logic. Our developers are really good at building smarty plugins and to extend smarty templating engine capabilities according to your custom requirement.

Smarty Engine Integration

We have proficiency in smarty templating engine integration. While not all business require smarty templating engine integration, it is a mandatory requirement for some projects. Projects which require separation from business logic and presentation logic find this very inevitable. If you are hiring 3rd party front end developers those who you do not want to share yours business logic, smarty templating is the best choice. We can help to separate business logic from view section using smarty.

Smarty Plugin Development

Smarty allows extensions of its features by the use of plugins. We have used this feature to add new templating syntax and new compiler functions to meet specific requirements depending on the project. This plugin features allow us to improve smarty features and template syntaxes. Plugin features can be used to add new data filtering options before displaying it on website. Our developers make use of these plugins to use in the common web page sections on websites. This will avoid the need for repeating the same code in multiple pages of the website.

Redesign / Upgrade Websites using Smarty Templating Engine.

Our developers have experience in designing websites which use smarty templating engine. For redesigning a website, HTML template is created by the designers based on the requirement. After finalizing the web page design, front-end developers can bring your idea to life by integrating with Smarty templating system. We follow rigorous testing process after redesign to make sure it is flawless.

Use of Smarty in CMS

  • Web Template system is a web publishing tool used in CMS.
  • The use of smarty on CMS allows designers and programmers to work independently without interfering in each other’s activities.
  • By using Smarty Template we can also have logic on the presentation layer in case PHP tags are mixed with HTML as well as without logic when it is not required.

Advantages of Smarty:

  • Smarty allows unlimited nesting functions.
  • Built-in caching, custom cache handling function are highly customizable even though it is possible to embed your PHP code with template files.
  • The template sources with plug in architecture are the latest and up to date
  • Smarty Engine is really fast and efficient
  • It’s really smart on recompiling the template files that have been changed
  • Smarty engine lets you can create custom functions and variable modifiers.

At Quintet we believe in innovative product designs. Our programmers and web designers make sure that the end product using smarty engine is the best possible.

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