Omni Framework

Development using Omni Framework

Omni Framework Omni Group provides Omni Framework – an open source library- which is a collection of Objective-C methods that performs a wide range of Text editing tasks. Omni framework has been written for use in iOS and OSX applications. Omni framework can be used for plain text and rich text editing. It has support starting from basic document alignment to complex rich text editing, like font customization, text styles and color. We can convert a plain document to a rich text as well. Additionally, it has support for searching inside document, creation of workflows, organizational plans, sketches and more.

Omni Focus- it is a powerful task management platform which is specially designed for Mac , iPhone and iPad. It helps to develop and fine tune a system thereby making everyday work easy. We can handle projects and goals easily and accomplish them very fast.

OmniGraffle- It comes packed with features that allow you to get started on any type of sketch , wireframe or software mapping.

Omini Outliner- Gather, collect and store any sort of information. You get to use inbuilt themes or start off from wherever you want to that you are thinking of.

Omni Plan- Omni Plan’s Gantt Viewer has a beautiful, functional and customizable view. It has the best looking screen in the business, you can use it to work on your projects or in a combination with our task view.

Omni Presence- Sync all your documents across all of your devices , as it works with most web hosts inclusive of the OS X Server . You can also pair it up with Onmi Sync Server for free and secure syncing.

Development using Omni Framework at Quintet

Our developers have already developed applications that deals with document generation and rich text editing. They have used Omni Framework and is familiar with the library to make use of all the advanced features and integrate it with iOS or OS X applications.

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