jPlayer Integration

jPlayer integration services in India

jPlayer Integration jPlayer is a free and open source library, it has become the best choice for presenting audio or video in web pages. This javascript plugin has become famous since it support media playback in even legacy web browsers like IE 6. jPlayer provides common interface independent of client version. This features encourages use of jPlayer even with modern web browsers have built in HTML5 player.

Reasons Why you should choose jPlayer

  • jPlayer is easy to start and Deployable in minutes
  • jPlayer is customizable and skinnable using HTML and CSS
  • jPlayer is free because it is open source
  • jPlayer is lightweight – only 12KB
  • jPlayer has free plugins available for popular platforms
  • jPlayer has multiple platform support
  • jPlayer has an active community providing support for it

Lightweight and easy to configure

jPlayer plugin is lightweight, the plugin size is only 12KB which reduces page load time and contributes to high user engagement. We have expertise in integrating jPlayer and as jPlayer provides complete documentation for all configurable options it can be easily configured.

Multiple Platform and Browser support

jPlayer supports multiple platform and web browsers ranging from Internet Explorer 6 to OS 7 Phone browser. This gives flexibility as a developer to develop websites without spending much time on web browser compatibility. We have solid experience in using jPlayer in responsive websites which support multiple platforms.

Highly Customizable

Flexibility is an important feature required in modern web browsers. This includes option to customize player skin. They provide an option to make player design more compatible to web page design. jPlayer features can also be extended through plugins.

Support wide range of media formats

Nowadays, video and audio files are available in multiple file formats. jPlayer supports most of the file formats including WebM. WebM is specifically used to provide high quality audio and video over web.

jPlayer integration Experts at Quintet

We can help to integrate your website to use jPlayer. While integration is done, we make sure to use our expert designers to create matching Jplayer skins to suite your website. We also have experience in integrating jPlayer to responsive websites so that multiple platforms including mobile devices are supported . In some cases it is required to add custom feature that does come with jPlayer.

jPlayer integration Services

jPlayer Website Integration

We have deployed several websites which use jPlayer as a multimedia plugin. In some cases we put our hand on minor modifications in order to have jPlayer perform byte range requests. We can also integrate jPlayer plugins to responsive websites, which demanded to behave according to screen resolutions and device types. At Quintet we also help you to make custom controls so that you can make most out of jPlayer plugin. This includes buttons to start playback at certain time interval and custom time formats. As similar to all other part of front end web development, we employ methods like preloading media files to get maximum user experience.

jPlayer skin development

Our developers have utilized Custom Skin option to make player more compatible to website design. jPlayer skins are created according to specific requirement and custom controls. For responsive websites, responsive jPlayer skins are created so that it can work flawlessly. We make use of a wide range of device platforms to test skins and make sure that it meets your objective.

jPlayer Plugin Development

jPlayer custom plugin option provides flexibility to add additional features. We have created jPlayer plugins according to custom requirements. This includes a Network based player system which can load media information using ajax requests from the server. We can also help to add already existing plugins like ‘Popcorn’ to add additional features like subtitles. If certain aspects of jPlayer need to be made in more than one place, plugins are the best choice. Plugins are portable and can be used at more than one place without any additional effort.

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