Hipay Payment Gateway Services

HiPay Integration The growth of e-commerce over the past few years laid the platform for payment gateways such as HiPay. The intentions are clear enough, simple transaction processing which provide adequate security for the payment requirements for the online cross-border trade. In order to provide our e-merchant clients with a complete secure online payment solution we have been using one of the most trusted of it’s kind, Hipay. This single integrated solution has gratified our client’s with the most relevant domestic and international payment method in their business needs, from e-commerce to m-commerce markets.

Quintet’s offshore payment gateway services in India

When Quintet works with eCommerce projects, we are very keen to satisfy our clients with standard and reliable solutions. We never compromise in security. Hipay provides a number of different services based on the customer needs such as Hipay Mobile, Hipay full service,etc. Our payment gateway experts in Quintet can help you to get the maximum benefits out of these Hipay services. Our security experts monitor your transactions and assure that your the payments are secure with the Hipay.

Hipay payment gateway services we offer here at Quintet solutions

Hipay mobile services

The online business channel has changed it’s behaviour with the massively growing mobile online trade. We use these services to ensure all the key factors for the success of your digital goods sale in this new horizon. With the hipay mobile service you get the following benefits

International scope for your payments

You get an international platform for selling your digital goods. By making use of the multicultural support in Hipay mobile, our team of experts help you to attain maximum coverage over 100 countries.

Handling Challenges of micropayments

The solutions available in Hipay, in partnership with different telecommunications companies in world, provide you the option of micro payments. The monetization of your products are made easy with added value service or use of freemium which uses such micro-transactions. These solutions provide the users the utmost security, speed and the anonymity which will reflect in the overall sales.

Personalizing the user’s experience

Hipay mobile service help your customers to have the unique personal options. It provides options for personalized keywords and dedicated short codes and enchant your target users. We adapt your UI in such a way that the payment process become coherent and simpler than ever.

Mobile CRM Support

With commercial action routines with mobile CRM procedures in Hipay Mobile we support you to stimulate your active clients and to re-activate your previous customers.

Hipay full services

The e-Commerce markets have become an inevitable channel for business and continue to grow further. Hipay full services is an ultimate payment solution for this new trade channel. It offers us exclusive tools to optimize the transactions and our e-merchants clients are offered with one of the best option.

Excellent Fraud management

One of the major feature of Hipay full service is it’s unique fraud management module which ensures the guaranteed security in each phase of your payment tunnel. E-merchants can set up more than 80 anti-fraud filters with customizable profiling tools. We set up these different parameters and help you to monitor the activities in payment process.

Play with the unique ID

The transactions are processed according to your preferences, it offers single payment or fragmented payments, subscription, direct debit, one-click payment, etc.

A/B testing

Hipay full services gives the possibility to test several possible templates under real conditions, in order to determine which is the most efficient. Thus with a complete personalization option for payment pages we can assist you to select the right template for the best payment experience for the buyers.

m-commerce support

Hipay full service also include the much needed support for different digital terminals including smartphones, tablets, etc. Our experienced team support you to attain the impeccable performance in multi-platform and multi-channel formats for the best user experience regardless of different digital terminals with Hipay full service.

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