WordPress Development Services

Wordpress Integration WordPress is a free, open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) which is based on PHP and MySQL. Features of WordPress include a plugin architecture and a template system. WordPress is used on over sixty million websites across the world. WordPress is elegant and well architectured and its roots are dated long back to 2001. It has matured into a stable product and now it has thousands of plugins, widgets and themes.

WordPress Development Services at Quintet

Our expert programmers and WordPress engineers work closely to pick you the best themes, plugins and scalable architecture during the design phase of the project. We are specialists in WordPress theme development, WordPress plugin development, customization and WordPress application development. Our website, you are viewing now was developed on wordpress and it was nominated by Awwwards.

WordPress services we offer

WordPress Consulting and development Services

We can help design, build, launch and maintain your web project. Our speciality includes WordPress installation and customization for blogs and CMS. Most of our work done was in WordPress themes creation, installation, plugin creation, plugin customization services.

Sophisticated WordPress theme design

We offer your professional WordPress themes to make your business look the way you want your customers see it. No matter on what platform your website is running now, we can get it migrated to wordpress to incorporate the benefits of easy management of the content. We can rebuild your site with the current theme you love or a new, very innovative design which will be futuristic.

WordPress plugin development

There may be situations when you really want to enhance your blog or website with a unique feature, and you are not able to find the solution readily available on the internet. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to avail our service for custom plugins development for WordPress. We not only develop that feature for you, we will be around for the upgrades required from time to time. After a detailed study of your requirement we can come up with solutions that will improve the overall quality of the website. You do not have to worry about the complexity of the solution because we have all it takes to provide you with the best in technology, site performance and development

WordPress and Facebook Integration

We can help you to integrate facebook into WordPress which enables you to interact with the social media. This is very essential these days and is done by leading companies. Our Engineers at Quintet are here to help you with that.

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