Core Data

Core Data integration and Management Services

Core Data Core data is an Object Graph Manager provided by Apple to automate the storage of application data into database. Apple introduced Core data in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and iOS with iPhone sdk 3.0. Core data organizes data in relational-entity-attribute model and store into XML, binary or Sqlite. Data is described in terms of entities and relationship. Application code can retrieve these data at object level without having to bother about storage and retrieval.

Core data is one of the most powerful features of iOS because it integrates database features in an application, thus allows to operate on objects stored in-memory. It is being frequently used in iPhone, iPad and Mac applications as it leaves the data constraint to the business logic side of the program and helps the developer to avoid working directly with database. Since Core data can be used typically in-memory, it is much faster. With Core data, the code we need to write to support the Model layer is considerably smaller. It provides better memory management. Since core data does not support threading and locking , the framework is much faster and simpler to work.

Core Data integration and Management Services by Quintet

We have experience in doing complex data management using Core data. If the application requires more extensive data to be stored and retrieved on a regular basis we can then adopt Core data. We can eliminate many disorganized items like list of objects, relationships and constraints on object attributes and make it into a single clean object oriented interface. With core data we can make fast and memory optimized applications.

We are doing schema versioning and data migration easily with Core data. We are capable of taking all the advantages of the Core data features and delivery of faster and reliable applications. Core data helps us in developing and deploying applications quickly and also guarantees compatibility with future release of iOS.

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