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Amazon CloudWatch Amazon Cloudwatch is a monitoring service for Amazon Cloud resources and the applications you run on AWS. You can now track metrics monitor log files and set alarms. Using Amazon Cloudwatch you can now monitor Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon DynamoDB tables and Amazon RDS DB instances, and also custom metrics based on ur applications and log files. Amazon CloudWatch gives you a system wide vision of your resource utilization, system’s operational health and application performance. These in depth insights will help you keep a birds eye view over your application and keep it smoothly running.

Key Features of Amazon CloudWatch

We can now monitor EC2 instances , without installing any additional software. Basic monitoring for Amazon EC2 is free and there is no additional charge, Detailed Monitoring for Amazon EC2 instances are available at an additional cost .

Using Amazon Cloudwatch you can automatically monitor Load balancers like Amazon RDS DB instances for metrics of messages sent and received or Amazon SNS for metrics such as number of messages published and delivered. No additional software is needed for monitoring. You can either submit your own metrics that are generated by your applications and Amazon CloudWatch will monitor them for you at a one minute frequency.

With Amazon CloudWatch you can store and monitor logs for phrases , patterns and values in real time. Amazon CloudWatch lets you set alarms on any of your metrics so that you can receive notification on any unused or underutilized Amazon EC2 instances as well as help you to view all ur data that is monitored and which has alarms by showing you graphs and stats on your Amazon Cloudwatch Dashboard.

Amazon CloudWatch can be accessed via API, command-line interface, AWS SDKs and AWS Management Console. Amazon CloudWatch works with all the prominent operating systems , the CloudWatch logs agent is supported on Ubuntu, Amazon Linux and Windows

Amazon CloudWatch Desktop /Server management Support Services

Quintet provides support for Amazon CloudWatch Desktop/Server management. Quintet also provides support for Amazon CloudWatch Landscape and systems management tool available with CentOS Advantage. Our skilled Engineers in Amazon CloudWatch support team is very much experienced in cloud environment and help you make the best our of setting up Amazon CloudWatch services.

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