Infinite Peripherals

Infinite Peripherals Add-on integration Services

Infinite Peripherals Infinite Peripherals is a group of hardware add-ons that can be integrated to iPhone/iPad devices. These peripherals, once connected, helps iOS devices to do more functions which it cannot do by itself. For example, a Linea Pro device, once connected with an iPhone, can be used to swipe credit cards, read barcode/qr codes etc. More importantly, an iOS application can communicate with these hardwares and read data from them.

Apple iOS devices are capable of doing many things out of the box. But there are things it cannot do natively because of its hardware limitations. Don’t you think its sensitive touch screen and attractive user interface can be useful in a POS terminal? But a POS terminal needs hardwares like barcode scanner and Magnetic stripe readers. These devices can be connected to a computer, but how can we connect them to an iPad/iPhone? This is where Infinite Peripherals comes in.

The Infinite Peripheral hardware devices can be plugged right into the iOS devices without the need of any external connector. Infinite Peripherals provides an SDK which can be easily integrated with any application. Once the SDK is integrated and hardware is connected, any iOS application can communicate with these hardwares.

Features of Infinite Peripherals


You can Swipe conveniently—and securely—run cards through the 3-track mag-stripe reader.


You can Scan and read all the most widely used barcodes in business today.

Infinite Peripherals Add-on integration Services by Quintet

We have been doing POS related applications for years and we have good experience in working with Infinite Peripheral hardwares. We have already used hardwares like Infinea Tab, Linea Pro as well as their SDK.

We can develop your dream POS application

We have developers who have experience in writing POS applications in both iOS as well as Android platforms. They possess deep knowledge on how applications communicate with external accessories, how third party SDK’s are integrated etc. As POS applications deal with credit cards and money, data security is of importance. Our developers are familiar with different encryption mechanisms, different security precautions and are committed to make sure that data and money are safe.

As more and more retailers used mobile point-of-sale technology these days Infinite Peripherals is making their mark. Many businesses choose Apple devices such as iPod, iPhone or iPad along with peripherals that have been approved by apple. Even though peripherals are fairly simple to operate, they quiet aren’t that ‘plug and play’ type. It requires personalized custom software to capture MSR, Bluetooth, RFID or barcode information, along with seamless printing.

There are 2 ways in which retailers can start the use of infinite peripherals

  • Select an application that is compatible with infinite peripherals from the app store.
  • Develop an application for internal enterprise.
  • Develop and app and distribute it publicly via app store.

We help retailers to create app for infinite peripherals. Demand for mobility is increasing in todays market and it is better to get your app listed in the appstore as early as possible to reap the benefits. We have access to infinite peripheral’s sdk and all needed resources which will enable us create the best solution for you. We can cater all your requirements by customizing your app. We can submit your app to the iTunes store, and guarantee its approval. After the app releases, our staff can train you on how to use the mobile point-of-sale app.

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