Bridgepay integration services

Bridgepay The Bridgepay Gateway is a transactional payment gateway from Bridgepay Network Solutions, LLC. They provide access to all major debit/credit card processors and ACH companies. Bridgepay is a PCI certified payment gateway. Bridgepay and its processing partners provide connectivity to around 30 international and domestic card processors, 6 ACH providers and 5 gift card companies. They offer secure payment processing with encryption and tokenization, API’s to integrate with the gateway, virtual terminal named MyBridgePay, reporting, Gateway Emulator etc. Developers can use Bridgepay API’s to integrate Bridgepay solutions with their software and accept payments.

Bridgepay supports encryption, tokenization, card vaulting, international processing, mobile applications etc. Additionally Bridgepay gateway has solutions for Point to Point Encryption (P2PE), Signature capture, Multi use tokenization, recurring payments, check image storage etc.

Bridgepay integration services offered by Quintet

Integrating bridgepay to mobile applications

Bridgepay offers various solutions that enables us to accept payments from mobile application. Our mobile development team is always informed about various challenges and complexities when dealing with mobile based payments and are familiar with the solutions offered by Bridgepay. They have already developed various mobile applications that deals with payment.

Integration of Bridgepay POS based solutions

Bridgepay has solutions especially designed for card present payment situations like Retail and restaurant business, called PayLink. It is designed in such a way that the sensitive card details never leave the system unencrypted and transaction is done against PCI compliant bridgepay gateway. Our developers have already created many POS applications where card present payment is required and familiar with various pros and cons.

Secure Safe Integration of payment solutions

Security is the main concern when dealing with payment from software, especially in a card present situation. Our expert developers have previous experience of dealing with many softwares that deals with credit cards payments and are familiar with various security procedures. A secure, PCI compliant solution is always guaranteed to our clients.

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