ActionBarSherlock implementation and integration services

ActionBarSherlock ActionBarSherlock is a support library that helps to use Android ActionBar design across all Android versions. It does the same functionality of Android Support Library, but with a single API. You can change the appearance of your applications in previous versions of Android devices by integrating this support library. Action bars are native designs on Android version 4.0+. This design pattern can be extended to other lower Android versions using ActionBarSherlock custom implementations. Thus a developer can implement action bar patterns on Android applications targeting 2.x versions too. Therefore, the library could be considered as an extension of Android Support Library package.

This API also includes the same functionalities in Standard Android Actionbar in API level 14 or higher. With this single API, developers can implement native action bar layouts and themes in their applications. Calling a single method will invoke and enable interaction with the action bar. As a result, applications targeting lower android versions will deliver the look and feel of Android Ice Cream Sandwich with much less effort.

The action bar is a window feature that identify the application and user location and provides user actions and navigation modes . Action bar offers a consistent interface across application. The ActionBarSHerlock (ABS) library helps creating action bar, back up to android 2.x

ActionBarSherlock implementation and integration services at Quintet

While developing applications with crowd pulling UI, you may become uncertain if your plan could deliver the same visual experience for all android device users. In such a scenario we can be of real help. Our experience with ActionBarSherlock implementation and integration we could design your ideas based on the custom action bar layouts and themes the library offers. Our designers could give the best UI experience and our developers will fulfill your functionality part.

We keep ourselves updated with every new Android version release. One among such UI revolution was Action Bars with 4.0. Even if the action bar designs were introduced only from 4.x versions, we could deliver the same visual experience using the ActionBarSherlock library. We will rely on this extension when applications targeting lower Android versions need to have a better UI experience. We could integrate and work using this support library to deliver better layouts and themes. As always, we will bring magical action bar visualization on older Android version devices too.

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