“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”
Peter Drucker

Streaming at its best!

Internet protocols are widely used for voice/multimedia sessions and here comes the relevance of open source VOIP solutions. Based on the requirement different levels of optimization can be done using audio codecs for efficient streaming. Open source VOIP solutions can be setup for thousand of simultaneous connections which helps you benefit monetarily over hardware solutions.


Efficient VOIP solutions

Asterisk is a very popular VOIP solution which is being used these days. Our experience in setting up Asterisk servers with appropriate modules for several simultaneous users is exceptional. We have helped clients settings up Asterisk servers which can handle thousands of connections at the same time optimizing the communication using audio codecs for seamless connectivity.

AGI scripting

Customizing Asterisk

We have proficiency in AGI scripting which allows customizing of the most used VOIP solution Asterisk. We have successfully configured Asterisk servers for customer service support desks with the help of AGI scripting which involves even more complexities. We are proud to say that numerous companies are using Asterisk set up by our team for various purposes.

Streaming Media

Craftly configured streaming servers

We currently administer servers which we successfully deployed with streaming media services using Red5, Wowza, Kaltura, flash media server (fms) etc. We have several websites in our portfolio where we integrated streaming media solutions like red5, wowza, fms etc., with joomla, wordpress, drupal, dolphin, xcart, opencart etc., which helped our customer bring their products/services to the market front.

Apps integration

One step ahead with streaming gadgets

The digital media player market is currently being conquered by streaming digital media players like AppleTV, Chromecast and Roku. We have created apps to integrate with these devices for our customers which enabled them explore the streaming capability from a new dimension.

We are proficient in…

Apple TV
Red5 wowza Kaltura