“A system is as secure as it’s weakest link”

Security for peace of mind!

Our security experts keep themselves updated on the various types of attacks possible whether it be a normal network or a cloud computing environment. This in-turn enable us deliver efficient solution for securing your IT infrastructure. Team of experienced Engineers identify the security holes, fix them and take necessary actions to prevent any threats.

Securing System

Renouncing vulnerabilities for ever

Systematic server hardening procedures are carried out from the basic level to installation of software firewalls. The servers are scanned with advanced tools to remove any instance of sniffers, rootkits, irc, bnc, eggdrop, trojans etc. Our team is experienced in making the server PCI and ACID compliant so that your database transaction are made 100% reliable.

Security Audit

Investigators at your service

Our Team is capable of auditing the server for identifying various service denials and security threats. By performing security vulnerability scans, reviewing application versions and operating system access controls, audit is done to take necessary steps for securing the server. We are experienced in applying security patches for various vulnerabilities as well as fixing and rebuilding kernels when ever required.

Securing Applications

Regular updates for security

Its important to keep your 3rd party applications updated to the latest version in order to keep your site free from security holes.Our team is well experienced in installing, configuring, upgrading, patching third party applications there by ensuring a secure environment as outdated scripts means security holes.

System Health

Hardware health for secure data

Its a crucial to maintain the data on the server securely along with the security of the machine. Our Engineers are technically experienced to conduct hardware diagnostics to identify any I/O errors which can lead to data losses.

We are proficient in…

Nessus Sense ESET chkrootkit
OpenVAS Duo Security CSF Clam AntiVirus
ModSecurity Shellshock Bash Bug