Cacti Monitoring Services

Cacti Monitoring Services Cacti is a web based monitoring system designed for the graphical representation of various services. Cacti serves as the front-end application for the data logging tool RRDtool which means that cacti uses RRDtool to build the graphs at predetermined intervals as per user requirements. With the help of Cacti, users will be able to monitor and graph cpu load, network bandwidth utilization, ram usage, round trip time stats(time taken for a signal to be sent and time taken for an acknowledgment of that signal) etc, and with SNMP its possible to monitor any device on network on Linux hosts, *BSD hosts, Windows hosts, Cisco devices, Juniper equipment, voip phones, routers. Cacti servers are stable with easy user-interface and handles multiple users with each set of graphs without any problem.

Features of Cacti that will be useful for your company


  • Unlimited number of graph items can be made utilizing data sources which is inbuilt cacti.
  • Cacti automatically groups graph items into AREA, STACK and LINE to allow quick re-sequencing of graph items
  • Cacti offers Auto padding support to make graph legend text aligns.
  • Graph data can be changed using CDEF math functions built into RRDTool.
  • Cacti offers full support of all RRDTool’s graph item including AREA, STACK, LINE[1-3], GPRINT, COMMENT, VRULE and HRULE.

User Management

  • Cacti’s easy user based management allows administrators to create and assign users to different levels of permission in the cacti interface.
  • Permissions can be specified per-graph for each user, making cacti suitable for co location. Every user can retain their own graph settings and have various viewing preferences.

Offshore Cacti Monitoring Services by Quintet

We can install and configure cacti for you. It will help you to keep a tab on the service status, and the graphical representations will help you understand the cpu load, bandwidth utilization, ram usage etc. If you would like to hire our monitoring service, we will have our Engineers monitor your server 24/7 and take necessary actions whenever required.

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