“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke

Taming gadgets for you!

Gadgets have evolved much more than anything else. A simple spectacle to a Google Glass, a video cassette player to streaming media player, an old crank phone to a sophisticated smart phone. With the revolution of OS driven gadgets we are now at the luxury of developing unique applications for gadgets to meet our unique requirements. We have geniuses who are into helping people with awesome ideas of tweaking and manipulating such gadgets.

The Gadget

We help you select the best

Our team does a detailed R&D on the requirement to come up with the best solutions, suggestion etc as the market is getting introduced by new gadgets every day. After a detailed study the best gadget is finalized for the development purpose. The hardware and software architecture of the device is subjected to research to start with the development.

Planning and designing

Sit back and relax while we brainstorm

Our developers and designers sit together to come up with the best design for the application to be developed. The complicated tweaking of the back-end is kept hidden behind the simple but rich design. Any future updates and enhancements in the OS driving the gadget is also kept in mind while going with a design.

Ongoing projects

up-to-date with the emerging devices

Currently our developers are working on developing apps for Google Glass which is an android driven eye-wear as well as very popular streaming media player gadgets in the market such as Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast. We were able to surprise our clients by delivering apps with features which they never thought would be possible.

Testing and deployment

Conquering unknown challenges

We keep our inventory upto date with the latest gadgets which have potential for application development. Several rounds of testings are done for 100% precision as we are dealing with different hardware architectures. We will be working side by side on keeping the application updated with the latest OS updates.

We are proficient in…

Google Glass moto360 Samsung Gear Live GWatch
Wii PlayStation Xbox Chromecast
iOS Android Wintec Boca Systems
BlackBerry Roku Leap Motion Apple TV
Apple Watch Asus ZenWatch Android Wear Nexus Player
Sony Smartwatch